Who We Are

We are an one-stop agency that specializes in helping Canadian families hire care providers and domestic workers in private household to help families live their best lives. We take all the stress of hiring a care provider or a domestic worker off your backs and into our trusty hands. We help our clients make significant and quality changes for their families and realize their most important life goals. It’s true; we go beyond just pairing by offering a simple yet personalized one-stop solution. With a focus on our relationship with clients, we have built a firm uniquely equipped to accomplish this important task.


Defined by Our Expertise

Our firm is designed to operate as one – a unique cross-disciplinary agency united by a strong set of values, especially with a deep commitment to personalized care each family needs. We redefine our respective industry with our accounting and legal expertise through our membership with the Chartered Professional Accountants, the Law Society of Ontario, and the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.


Credentials: Proud Member of CPA, Law Society, CICC.

What We Do


Personalized Care

We serve clients who deserve the absolute best for their families. We listen carefully to your family’s every needs and develop a personalized care solution.


Trusted Care Provider & Domestic Worker

We carefully source and screen qualified care providers that you and your family can trust and rely on. All care providers we pair families with speak English fluently (or may speak your language), have completed post-secondary education (university and/or college), have undergone rigorous professional training, and have obtained extensive caregiving experience. The qualities and characteristics that all care providers possess include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Love children and respect the elderly
  • Strong work attitude
  • Strong sense of obedience
  • Strong initiative and sense of service
  • Strong understanding of and desire for domestic work
  • Work consciously, earnestly ,and pay attention to details
  • Professionally trained on all kinds of housework including cleaning, laundry, cooking, housekeeping, etc
  • Help children with their homework and tutoring
  • Take care of the elderly
  • Take care of people with disability

Simplified Hiring

We simply take all stress of hiring a care provider off your backs and into our trusty hands. We provide guidance and support in submitting your documentation and satisfying your obligations as an employer. Such support includes obtaining a Business Number, providing guidance on financial, housing, and transportation requirements and advising on rights, health and safety standards.



One-Stop Solution

Our simple yet personalized one-stop solution supports families, especially working women, by pairing them with great care providers or domestic workers, along with commitment to a 90-day guarantee, and complimentary payroll management services. We go beyond just pairing.