Why Our One-Stop Solution


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our goal is that all of our clients are satisfied with our work and their experiences with us. We value you, as our clients, and go above and beyond what you would expect from us. To underscore that commitment, we offer a 90-day guarantee in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the care provider you hired.


Our Uniqueness and Expertise

In today’s ever-changing environment, we are quick to adapt to the latest changes in government laws and regulations so that we can provide relevant and effective services. Equipped with the uniqueness of our cross-disciplinary expertise embedded in service operation, we continue to innovate and improve our workflow. This flexibility means that you will always find success with us no matter the circumstances.


Peace of Mind

Driven by our client first focus, we have developed a process that is streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive. We take the worry out of your hiring process by providing guidance and assistance all the way through that continues long after the arrival of your care provider. As a result, we ensure that you will experience great success finding a suitable care provider with us.


Innovative Approach

When someone asks why we are so unique, it’s tempting to point out our innovative approach for helping families make significant and quality changes, and realize their most important life goals. It is true that our mission is to simplify the hiring of a care provider and to help families live their best lives.


How Our Simple Process Works


Need A Care Provider

You need a care provider for your family.


Contact Us

You contact us to get expert information about all of your options.

You can book your free consultation online, by email (info@kayvercare.ca), by phone (416.276.8659) or visit our office.


Free Consultation

During your no-obligation, free consultation, we listen carefully to your every requirement and develop a tailored solution.


Employer Interview

We carefully source and screen candidates based on your family’s needs. We arrange for employer’s interviews with qualified candidates only.


Leave Everything to Us

Once you inform us of the care provider you want to hire, we focus entirely on the onboarding process.

In case of hiring a foreign caregiver under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), we will guide and assist you in submission of Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with respect to ESDC/Service Canada rules and proceedings.

You leave everything to us!


Enjoy Quality Time

Welcome your care provider to your home. Enjoy quality time with your family!

Peace of Mind


Our Guarantee

We provide a 90-day guarantee in the unlikely event that you may not be satisfied with the care provider you hired. If such a case arises, we promise to seek a permanent replacement that would fulfill your requirements.


Complimentary Payroll Management Training

Our Complimentary Payroll Management Training will guide you with all of your payroll and tax needs for employing a care provider. Our Payroll Management Training include the following:

  • Workplace Safety, Insurance Board (WSIB) registration and remittance;
  • Calculation, remittance, and payment of all source deductions – Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI) premiums, and tax deductions;
  • Producing and filing T4s, T4 summaries; and
  • Preparing Record of Employment (ROE).

Complimentary Private Health Insurance (For Hiring Foreign Care Provider Only)

We help our employers arrange and pay for private health insurance for the foreign care provider, commencing on the first day of residence in Canada, until the foreign care provider is eligible for provincial/territorial health care insurance coverage (where applicable). 

Our employers know that their care providers are medically covered without further medical liabilities to employers.


What You Can Expect

Professional Team with Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

Our team is fully committed to providing service with maximum care and professionalism. With a great sense of responsibility, we always strive to add value, are pro-active in solving any potential issues, and continually adapt to your growing needs. We stand behind our work and will not hesitate to adjust to your circumstances and expectations accordingly.

Outstanding Client Service

We place great importance on long term relationships with our clients. We earn your trust and confidence through consistent respectful communication between yourself and us. You are always kept up to date on the latest progress that we are making in your hiring process, and we always respond to your inquiries promptly. You can be put at ease knowing that we are just a quick phone call, email, or office visit away.

Personal Touch

Our clients receive the personal touch that is unlike any others in the industry.  From the initial consultation to after the arrival of your care provider, you are always in direct contact with a member of our team. We take the time and care to understand your individual needs and requirements, and adapt our processes accordingly. Each of our personalized solution will be tailored to you and your family.

Our Fees

Our fee of $2,500 (plus HST) includes the following services:

  • Pairing with Great Care Provider/Domestic Worker Fitted for Your Family
  • 90-Day Guarantee
  • Complimentary Payroll Management Training
  • Complimentary Private Health Insurance (For Hiring Foreign Care Provider Only)